Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shorts SHORT Review: Pug Davis

Pug Davis
by Rebecca Sugar
Published by Albatross Exploding Funny Books

Welcome to the shorts SHORT Review, today we'll be talking about Pug Davis.
This was an original webcomic made by the ever talented Rebecca Sugar. A Space Opera and Galactic Adventure of two wondering souls, two men from Earth that found more peace in a rocket hurled through space then living on the Third Rock from the Sun. Though I'm getting ahead of myself, and behind, since I only read the webcomic when it was still active. Since the story is something you have to read for yourself, hold it and look at the beautifully designed work. One thing I haven't done was get the volume when I could, but if I could go back in time I know that I would have got a whole mess of comics from the past (RPG World… it was in my hands). Anyhow, let's get away from lamenting of the past and focus on the galaxy escapades of these men searching around the Universe for… reasons.

It's either my mind is a bit fuzzy or it was never truly said why they were flying around other than the assumption of finding Earth. Pug has every reason since the intergalactic travel would mean the Earth would be older and maybe more scientific, which would cure his canine appearance. Though the relationship of Blouse and Pug show that there are more reasons to travel the stars than stay in one spot. If you know Ms. Sugar's work, you'd know that she's a craftsmen of emotion, that she could get you to break down and cry or have you care about the living arrangement of a mayo sandwich eating being. This again is one of those times that I turned on a character that I didn't care about then wanted to know more. Blouse became more than a weak positive seeking character and as a reader we found out more on his past, his reasons to leave home and advance into the unknown. By the end of the series I learned about a strong man that I thought had no depth, and wanted with my heart another volume.

Now I just read the webcomic version, I know there was a published edition of the comic collected and a cover drawn by the amazing Eric Powell. (Here's a link to the cover and if you thumb through the photos you might see some of the pages from the book too.)

Honestly this webcomic, from start to finish felt like it was walking to running. It was really fun to see what was on the next page, I'm not saying that the writing and the art were weak, it was just the opposite. Every page was interesting and had a different way of seeing the characters in artistic forms and in different adventures. While wandering around the characters and the world, it feels that Ms. Sugar was creating everything from nothing, everything from organic space, and for the most part figured out what made a great story.

Professor Steeping, his niece Tea Steeping, and Gom his robotic protégé
pose for their space adventure, ever ready for action and excitement.

The plot is simple and complexed, let me explain, in the beginning of the series it was doodles, ideas, thoughts about ray guns and planets. Pug Davis is the idea of Flash Gordon or bits of John Carter and a little Lobo in theme and homage, it was a perfect modernization of the Space Adventure. Since it was less focused on the crusade and more on the adventurers, like the weird things were expected by both the reader and characters.

Now everything I'm talking about is from nostalgia (start that nostalgic engine on those evocative goggles), I hope to one day grab a volume in physical form, though that's the hardest part about this series. Trying to find something from the past, like Ian Jones-Quartey's comic RPG Wold, I've had a lot of comics that are rare to find today within my hands or feet away from me. So with his webcomic and her webcomic I've only been able to see them digitally and not in a form that settles in hand. Though I've held both volumes once in my life, but was in a position unable to purchase.

In short if this is your type of genre or the creator is someone that you've seen to find excitement over their work, you're totally going to enjoy this comic. I wish you luck on this hunt in the cosmos for this delightful treasure, though I'd suggest her other little macrocosm Steven Universe.

I trust you enjoyed the inspection, thank you for reading.
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