Thursday, August 25, 2016

Roxy Rocket

Roxy Rocket
Roxanne Sutton

There's been a lot of talk about jetpacks and amazing female characters, but there hasn't been much talk about the original rocket riding adventurer. Roxy Rocket is more of a mischievous villain and less of a murderer and thief, since it's all about the thrills. The burgling is again a little foreplay before the adventure begins, since one needs a plot to start the journey. Sadly her character only had two appearances and one focused episode, though due to production errors she came out in print first. Most of us know her from the high flying adventures of Batman and her deadly race with a highly sophisticated rocket for City travel. Since her tale is so short we decided to talk about her appearances and the character in this little editorial about the Crimson Criminal Roxanne Sutton aka Roxy Rocket!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Battling Boy Presents: The Fall of the House of West

When I finished the first volume of this arc I wanted more, I wanted there to be another book within the year or month from the first book, since I didn't know when it was published, though I had to wait a year, then another year, since moving and getting another job. Time has been an interesting concept in this present, though reading has been a pleasure in life. I can never thank those that make life more interesting and fantastic. Again thank you JT Petty  and Paul Pope for writing and David Rubín for your glorious illustrations in this stupendous fictitious tome. Let's dive into The Fall of the House of West (and the jetpacks)!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Battling Boy Presents: The Rise of Aurora West

This is the first volume of the Aurora West Arc, this means that you missed Battling Boy, since we were introduced with the astounding teen and her Father, Haggard West. Yes, this duo of jetpack might and brandishing plasma blasters in this action mystery pulp adventure. If there's anything more that I love it's a good character arc story and pulp fiction, just well written graphic novels. Though don't take my word in this introduction, come join us on this adventure into the favorite in the Battling Boy series written by Paul Pope and JT Petty with Illustrations by David Rubín, so let's dive into this golden pool of mythology and history.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Battling Boy

One thing that hasn't been seen in a lot of modern pulp fiction is a coming of age story. The number one story would be Tom Strong, next would be Tarzan, though the distance between the two is a great split, but like most pulp tales they go between extremes. They're a baby then a man, none of the trails and tribulations between these two points. Spin-offs do show more, but nothing that's official that feature a teen hero battling the world and taking on the challenges that a young adult would encounter that's not in a High School setting. This is something that comes straight out of nowhere, I haven't read a series that focuses on a teenager as an explorer, an adventurer on an alien world, that doesn't slap them into a school environment. It's refreshing and interesting to see where this could lead. This is my introduction to Paul Pope, I kid you not, this is the comic that introduces me to the artist and the talent. Well, my very first interaction was with a nameless artist that showcased his skill and ability for covers and such, though this is the only way I knew it was the same person. The line work and character features and the detailed backgrounds I knew it was the same person, though I wasn't convinced that the book would have a plot I would find interesting. Something about the cover and title didn't hook me, it wasn't pronounced enough (or full of robots). Though as people talk and slip a few pages here and there about the book and what came from the plot, I started to find curiosity. I'm a fan of high fantasy and magic, so no robots, but there's science and magic in this book about a pulp hero from another world, please do go on. And let's go on and dive into this specific piece of fiction, as we dig into the crust of what's to come in the further adventures of Battling Boy by Paul Pope.