Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cowboys VS Aliens

The Film was great, the Comic was horrible, that's the short and long of a lot of media translations, either one will be better than the other or both weren't good in the first place. Most of the time it's the film that does poorly compared to the written material, though there are exceptions to the rule based on the source material either being too great in length or poorly conceptualized. My first thoughts of the film by poster and trailer were excitement, even with the cover to the comic's collected volume made me interested in the tale, since Science Fiction and Westerns are two of my favorite genres.

The films starts off with the classic 90's hero story, something one doesn't see too often in Westerns. This hero's tale has been done to death in media, a character awakes in a place they don't know and have to scrap together their life the best they can with the obvious knowledge around them, also he has something that makes him better than the antagonizes of the film. In Westerns it's usually the audience that know nothing about the main character and his (majority a man is the protagonist, I can name about three Westerns that have a women in that position, yes it fits the period, though I'd still like to see more strong women in Westerns) intentions for the rest of the movie, so we the viewer are trying to piece together everything from start to finish.

The whole journey is within this characters mind, how he learns and what the contraption on his arm could deal with the coming horror. Maybe the slowest part, that was the most out of place scene, was when James Bond came racing to the outlaws (his old gang) on horse back. Then stopping to casually sit down, as the other extras and actors circle around, to convince them to help in the coming fight. It was just so out of place, completely stopped the film, it helped the movie along, but could have been executed better. These are scenes that one would think could be cut or involved into the story better, like maybe one of them stuck that thing on the main character's wrist or like in the comic an alien (they went with a robot, Olive Wilde as a Cowgirl robot, again bias to this decision) gives him a possibility to defeat the enemy and set up a sequel.

Mysterious items (or abilities) are always just a means to explore the sub-plot of the film and what made them who they are, nothing more than a tool to keep pacing of the film. Honestly, there's not much from the film that made it problematic (at a certain point not even a subject matter), it was more of a fresh joy and homage to the classic alien invasion films. Other than some odd stopping points the movie overall was a treat, of old Westerns and period ingenuity.

The book is the part that I'm surprised sold the idea that making a movie based on this sequential graphic novel. This plot seems to be cliche, Aliens come to the planet and want to take it over, it's like our whole World has no better resource than to have it over thrown. Anyhow the plot is completely different, it revolves around two hired guns and a swindling mayor both against Aliens that are trying to enslave the Earth. The style seemed completely off from the writing and characters, it had an interesting premise and the artist did a great job, but combined it didn't fit for me. As if it was like hot sauce on chocolate mousse, it had the promise of being tasty (in someway), but my tongue couldn't make sense of it all.

The difference between the two endings is that the film stopped (for the most part), though the comic implied a part two or a series (which never came). I'd love to see a comic based off of the film, since the cinematic version of the world was more interesting, also since this version of that reality would be more complimentary to the artist. Though I'm bias when it comes to Steampunk and Weird West movies, books, and comics, but if you are like me this is a film you'll be watching over and over again (not reading).

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