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shorts SHORT Review: Super Santa, Episode 01 - Jingle Bell Justice

Super Santa
Episode 01 - Jingle Bell Justice

Created by Mike Bell
Directed by Mike Bell
Written by Mike Bell
Santa was voiced by Mike Bell

Originally aired on Oh Yeah! Cartoons
Series created by Fred Seibert
Production Companies:
Nationally Distributed by Paramount Domestic Television
Internationally Distributed by Nelvana Limited

In the 90's they were trying to get the lightning that Hanna Barbara caught in a bottle, there was a series on every channel that was looking for the next big cartoon. Animation and Anthology really do go well, hand-in-hand with art and making cartoon series. One of those series Oh Yeah! Cartoons, filled with various shorts, found a ton of cartoons that made up a lot of my childhood and a lot of many others who share my love and passion for cartoons. Something I enjoyed the most was tuning in (yes, I'm that old) and hoping to see a returning short that was interesting or an amazing concept once again, hoping that it made the cut in the eyes of the producers of the show. About 4 shows seemed to please them (My Life As a Teenage Robot, Mina and the Count, Fairly OddParents, and ChalkZone), but also Super Santa, a Christmas themed hero and his wonderful wife.

In Honor of Super Santa Professor Steeping takes the titular mantle
Gom is his avenging Elf, and his Niece Tea Steeping as the Master Reindeer Champion.

Designs for all the backgrounds are flat, I like how it's a separate plane from the characters. The angle doesn't reflect the plane that they're standing on, though that's something I love from a lot of UPA (United Productions of America) cartoons. Background Designs were by Tom McGrath, this was the only Super Santa cartoon he worked on from backgrounds. The character designs aren't too interesting though the fun part is what the characters can do rather than their superficial exterior. Plot is neat, Toys are coming to life and commit crime, it's great to see all the dolls impossibly attacking the City. Somehow the police were helpless, as were the national guard, it seems all the toys have super strength while attacking everyone and stealing everything.

Santa Senses are tingling!

The one thing I enjoy the most is the narrator, it's an amazing idea and my favorite parody used in a lot of Superhero lampoons. Their introduction of the sleigh, this majestic vehicle, and the Claus' is with a Superman parody "Look, up in the Sky, it's…" then the City's people start naming all the reindeer. It's cute and takes the show back to the older superhero cartoons where a hero was announced rather then surprising the villain. Emma is the tech expert in this show, also English, not the first time for there to be an English Claus, Arthur Christmas being of note. Tom Kenny does an amazing job, playing most of the characters, as a side note.

The Reveal of the villain is expected that it's a toy doing bad and forcing other toys to do bad, by… shooting it with a "bad laser", I'm never a fan of "Item X" does a thing that couldn't plausibly do desired effect. Anyhow, the bad bunny, Benny beefs-up, whipping off a curtain to a robot body, a tall exosuit that dwarfs the stout Santa. Bad Benny blares bogus blaster at Santa, tearing his shirt, which shows the Doc Savage like physique of Father Christmas. The Battle ensues, both stronger than the other thought, Benny's henchmen are stronger than Santa anticipated. Though Emma stops the toy ray, making all the toys bad, and now conciliatory allowing the Flying Postman to bear-hug the bad bunny till Mrs. Claus pops back into the picture to help out. Mind you this was from across town now she's here, she booted off a bear's head, then went straight to the warehouse without the sleigh in seconds. Anyhow, Benny the Bunny escapes, though Santa snuck a gift that blows up the escape pod over a jail, where a large inmate thanks Santa for the cute Bunny, in his best Lenny voice. Oh, Of Mice and Men, you'll always have a place in culture, even during a romp in the odd life and times of Santa Claus.

Super Santa is the equivalent of what this month is all about. The Strange and bizarre life of Father Christmas saving the day for all the good boys and girls, though in the process giving the gift of world peace. It's a great shorts that has problems, though have a fun way around them in each episode. If you like odd little adventures of the Jolly Red Man, then this is a moving image you'll want to see.

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