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Manga Mecha Movie

With the rise to Manga Mecha Movie there hasn't been many articles on the genre, media(?), letting out one's desire to embraced another's culture through their films and books on Cartoon Cyborg Cinema. So I've decided to jump into the past as the present enjoys to do and engage your thoughts and mind on a favorite of mine, Yatterman.

First thing about this flick, Takashi Miike's work, I've been following it before this movie, so there's a bit of bias siding on my part. He's an amazing director that I've seen a lot of his work, I've always been impressed. So I was excited to see that he tried his hand with comedy and action, instead of horror and drama. It's been something within his range to be able to control, though I haven't see a film that's flat out intent of his to be light hearted and not dry. Don't get me wrong, dark comedy and dry humor is wonderful, though it doesn't fit the mood of this type of series, that's why it's interesting to see such a well known creator of this type of work placing himself into a difficult situation. Though as the clerks at my local Kinokuniya Bookstore said "This was a series from my childhood, I love it" so maybe like James Gunn, there will be passion flowing through these characters more than canon facts, but the spirit is what's important when breathing life backing what was once dead.

Time Bokan (1975) was my first introduction of Yatterman, though at the time I was confused with it being called Yatt-ER-man or Yatt-A-man, since yatta in Japanese mean "Hooray" more or less, it's an expression of joy to the effect. Though it confusion come be an accent issue, like New Jersey and New York sometimes "t" and "d" get confused, for example, the word Metal. While written it's harder to explain since Metal and Meddle are what's said, so it's your meddling with someone's life or your teaching someone that metal is a way of life, it gets confusing from a vernacular standing point. Though this, I believe is a pun, since most words with "er" at the end are pronounced in Japanese with an "a", thous the gag in Dr. Slump Suppaman (Sour Pickle Man). Anyway the whole truth is that Time Bokan wasn't really the series it was the OVA Time Bokan: Royal Revival that got me into the series. A silly race between the years of the different versions of the series characters (good and bad). The fun part was realizing that they're all retellings of the same characters to a degree, a better relation of this thought would be every year of Super Sentai (or Power Rangers). There's about three or more people fighting for Justice in some manner while Evil is trying to stop them. This is the same with Time Bokan, Two teens with their machines try to stop a gang of three individuals from committing evil. This has been ongoing for awhile, though not at the level of Kamen Rider, but Tatsunoko Production has had the series coming and going often enough, even making an appearance in the game Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom (still don't know why Speed Racer [Mach GoGoGo] was never in that game).

The series began in 1977 and rebooted in 2008, then an anniversary series in 2015 with Yatterman Night, it feels more like an alternate reality than the future, but it's exciting that the series has been going on for about 40 years. The film was released in 2009, during this time Avatar, Watchmen, Dragonball Evolution, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine came out, though these were the one's in America. Overseas in Japan there was a great battle in the Ultraman and Kamen Rider world with past UltraMen and Kamen Riders, but lucky for this film that the only competing film that month was Beauty (by Toshio Gotō) a dramatic period piece (1930's-1980's) that has so many heavy themes that based on the trailer I don't know how to even reflect properly my feelings on it, but if you're interested in history and Kabuki, then you'll love this character piece. Though right now we're talking about Yatterman a series that had double the time and episodes of any of the series before them in the Time Bokan franchise. So let's give them double the focus for the next two hours of this feature film.

Initial Cover response, I have a bit of background with the characters and the director, though this is what I think about it on a split level. As a returning fan I'm excited, it looks like the series through and through, it's an amazing and updated version of the show in every way possible. Now as someone that knows nothing about the series, at a first glance this looks like a movie poster that someone has made to parody Japanese cinema. It looks like something that came inspired from a lot of jokes and gags within the culture. Though as someone that likes bad movies and superhero flicks with giant robots, this is totally a film that I need to see. As a casual this looks like a movie that will be fun, though it's hard to tell from the poster alone if this will be more satirical or dramatic. As a person that's seen the series and knows of the director's work, this is an exciting poster, since the impression that it reflects is of passion and interest that he wanted to bring to those that loved the series as a kid, though in an updated format. It's that excitement that's seen in a lot of modern films, like Captain America (thank you for getting those feathers off his head) and characters that are not known by the public more popular (thank you James Gunn). With this poster in my thoughts as all three of these people as a person in these different parts we have multiple expectations, though their all positive.

I hit the play button and we open to a ruined building, dramatic music plays as we see the horror that's the Shibuyama front of the Hacchiko Plaza. All of it destroyed in some form, like a train or bus came flying through it, the rubble in different collections, some rocks and debris, others on fire. A voice is heard as gun fire is produced from a giant robot, two shadowy figures are behind the eyes of this mechanical monster, then a hero entrance explosion brings forth another inky figure. The camera zooms into the icon on this person's hat as the fire settles and the camera focuses on his face. With the announcement of Yatterman we see another in the shadows next to him, they proclaim their names "Number 1 and Number 2" then their adorable robot shaped like a die pops up and proclaims it's name is Omochama!

I love dice and robots, so this is my favorite character, even though it's the annoying sidekick character, but I don't care at the moment.

YatterWan howls it's name, with all names exclaimed, from the side of good, we see the two forms from behind the eyes of the giant robot. Wan is the sound a dog makes (woof for some of us, ruff for others), that's something that a lot of Japanese culture is filled with, better known as an onomatopoeia. This can be seen famously with Ariel from Dr. Slump (created by Akira Toriyama) she would run, arms out stretched and make the sound "Kiin" which is the noise of an airplane. You  might be a fan of Batman in the late 60's and know about his "Biff" and "Bam" rough housing with the villains of Gotham. Kero is another famous Japanese sound for frogs, so the show Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog created by Mine Yoshizaki) is a joke on the sound that a frog produces. Did I mention Japan loves puns too?

Oona Kulte dressed as Doronjo, laying back with her prop pipe.

The familiar faces of our green clade villain then our purple strongman, they introduce their third member with hands waving and attention to the center. As rising from the depths of the giant robot comes a Femme Fatale, the theme song that we're all humming when we first saw the poster and her figure. Pipe in hand and frustration ready, she commands her subordinates to attack the two.

The physical humor is on point, the gags and reactions are perfect, as if from the show in the 1970's, though with a few additions to make in more modern. It's not horrible, though it is odd that they started with a battle right off the bat and not a more formal introduction to the world and the characters within it. Still it's a flick that's stating what will be happening through out the movie. The focus and aim is the defeat of one of these groups with a little comedy and action thrown around, a little dab of implied sex appeal and a side of sexual humor.

Back to the battle, it's heated, though it looks like Number 1 and Number 2 have bested their aggressors, who might I add have amazing skill with a fork and spoon quarter staff (which could be a reference to only comedic characters in Kabuki plays and Chinese Operas using a rake or pitch fork as a weapon). With defeat within feet our green and purple friends they run back to their mistress for help. Already within the ten minute mark and we have Boyacky trying to get into Doronjo's treasure chest. She kicks him hard in his own chest far into the air and we cut to the inside of the giant robot from the opening.

This is the battle that we've been waiting for the climax of the film, wait… it's the opening of the movie, it's been less than ten minutes. Well, the fight is here and we have it now, so I'm excited to see the outcome of these fighters of Justice and where things will go from this point on in the feature.

The fight between the heroes and the villains have come to an end. Yatterwan has been bested, with this Number 1 takes out the Mecha Bone for Yatterwan to supercharge it's attack. Though the three in their giant robot stop this collaboration and intercept the bone in mid-flight. With the bone gone, their hope for success is definite. They start to celebrate with a cheer of Banzi (which means ten thousand years of life, implying fortune or something auspicious. For English speakers it would be like giving someone three cheers "hip-hip-hoo-ray") and with a mighty fist Doronjo slams her hand into the console in disbelief and excitement, though with no idea what button she's pushed. With this action finished she proceeds to leave the console as the giant robot explodes turning into the classic skull explosion.We go back to Number 1 and Number 2 who ask if a person is okay near by, since they see them walk out of the rubble with something in their hand. Also we get to see the three person bike as the villains peddle their way back home. Then are introduced to their mysterious leader who tell them they've failed and need to find the stone. Their punishment seems extremely painful, since their bike seats explode ejecting them from their transportation.

Then we get some exposition about the stone that he speaks of, since we really weren't introduced to anyone or the world, this is a good time to introduce us not to the past (though I'm thankful to the nod that there will be fans from the 1970's series), but to the world that we'll be spending time currently. We take a look at the research of a Doctor in search of the four parts of the Skull Stone, though it seems with his two pieces in tow, he's attracted more attention, well dangerous attention. Again still moving between comedy and drama, the horror of the costumed aggressor is mysterious and horrible, then as the Doctor is on the ground in pain and hurt beyond what we know about this dangerous being the skull wearing villain sits on the face of this researcher of history, then is sucked under the cloak of this monster.  Moving on we find out that this being is who asks of the three masked villains to collect these stones by any means.

Then we go to the secret hide out of Yatterman, under the Takada Toy Store. It's an interesting set design for the heroes, since it's not the Batcave, though it's a neat place for a pair of heroes. Number 1 is revealed to be Takada Gan, he's the mechanic, then we see Number 2, Kaminari Ai… that's all they give about her, I'm gonna say she's a programer or assistant mechanic (though she is the more agile of the two and arguably the better fighter), since a giant robot needs two people to take on such a huge project. Then there's Omochama, the little dice robot (powered by two AA batteries), who's adorable and is still my personal favorite in the feature, though we'll keep that a secret, I mean wh-who likes robots or robot people anyway, IGNORE THE BLOG TITLE.

It seems that Yatterwan was a project that Takada's father never finished, since the toy business expanded so much that he was traveling overseas too often. I mean, who wouldn't want to build a giant robot? (looks back up to blog title…) Kaminari is the daughter of Ai Electronics, so she is involved with something that's with computers. It's implied, but it's still not said that she's the one that programed the robots in the room, also that she knows anything about computers. I love that the narrator cuts the fourth wall and it seems that the gang only attacks once a week, which Yatterman #1 & #2 with Yatterwan stops this evil whenever they show up once a week.

Tea Steeping dressed as Boyacky, doing her best fitting the role,
though her excitement from the film drives her joy for the cosplay.

They bring back the young girl with a mysterious item in her hands to their secret base. It turns out that it's the Doctor's daughter with one part of the Skull Stone. We learn more about her tragic past, that her Father was her only living relative and this stone is more than just history or a miracle, it's a memento of her Dad. Takashi Miike really knows how to pull an emotion from a scene, also how to work within the world of this series, since it pops back and forth between humor and drama. The daughter is lonely and just wants her Father back, though it's implied that he's dead. The actress knew how to emote within the sadness of showing a strong face while keeping things internal. Honestly if this wasn't very fast paced that moment would have broken my heart about a character who had was suffocated by a being to death, with their butt.

Then we move to a new position within the world and interact with more of the plot. It seems that various things are disappearing, for example Tuesday and a News Blimp.

Then we see that the Doronbo Gang have set up a new Con to try and get more money and the Skull Stone. The Con is to get people to buy their wedding dress, they're trying to sell for over 1 million yen, though they're selling it for 100 thousand yen. It's a really elaborate Con, I love that it's so over the top and the pink balloons with the two black dots, it's a reference to the pig that pops up in every episode. Then Doronjo shows up in the lovely dress, though it's not the clothes, personally, it's the actress in the costume that makes it beautiful. Though it's totally overshadowed by Boyacky and being a fantastic actor and strong stage presence. It's very well acted too, so it's amazing from all angles, costume, talent, and physical performance. Then to add exclamation the get moment of seeing the live-action version of the Doronbo Gang song!

Through the song they show why they pull these frauds, a new giant robot is being built by the genius trio. Their strength is their ability to work with each other, though since Doronjo is the Femme Fatale she works for herself not for others. It's the weakest part about them, though she's the one that holds them together, it's a weird dynamic, but it's what I love about this team. Then a drill comes out of nowhere and their leader speaks once more. They welcome their master and greet his quarrel of the location of the skull stone with their dreams and hopes with gaining said stone. Each member has a moment and each is more odd than the last. Though Doronjo's was sweet, it was of a hopeful maiden that wanted to have a sweetheart and grow a family, she didn't care about riches or where they lived she just wanted to have a life worth living. They're then awoken by the drilling machine that their duty to retrieve the Skull Stone lies in Ogypt. With that command the drill machine explores in classic fashion and we see the gang fly off.

Then we cut to the Yatterman group heading into danger without a true cause or care, just a notion that they need to be in Ogypt to find the daughter's father and maybe the Skull Stone. And with the destination set into place we finally get to hear the awesome theme song for Yatterman. Gags follow their adventure to Ogypt, it's a long journey and points out a lot of the absurdities that were in the original series, though takes it on as parody. Then we reach the land of sand as we jump cut from a cat statue to the inside of said location, it's implied, though the location isn't told. That's odd because all the locations were given an introduction before entering. The three on the side of good enter this cave-like-cat-structure and start to look around the cavern. We start to see that Number 1 has feels for the Doctor's daughter and that Number 2 has feeling for Takada. The little die bot stumbles across the Skull Stone piece in the eye of a statue, then another skull appears from the heavens. It's Doronbo gang and their giant robot, they grab the stone, though the Yatterman team attacks!

Number 1 attacks Boyacky and Tonsura retaliates though Number 2 blocks his attack. Yatterwan is tossed the stone by Number 1 and the Doronbo Gang reply with their giant robot. Though in 70's giant robot fashion they attack first with breast machine guns (you can see this with Mazinger Z, Aphrodite A has her Oppai Missiles, though you can see in the Austin Power movie that's inspired by 70's spy flicks, the Fembots have their own automatic pistols).  The Yatterman Team flip out of the way of the attacking giant robot, except for their trusted metal dog, Yatterwan who is being blasted tirelessly. Then Yatterwan is attacked with a booby missile (now they add a little Go Nagi). Though a Mecha bone is placed into his Yatterwan's mouth, but will it be enough to bring him back from this crushing defeat? And it seems it was enough for the moment with this week's surprise mini-mechas are ready. The attacking little automatons are ants, they're cute and Doronjo doesn't know how to compute all these tiny tinkerers. As the attack seems to have an effect outside, there's also damage on the inside of the giant robot as the Doronbo Gang scramble inside, trying to escape this metal coffin.

Then we have this moment, that's maybe the most sexual and awkward seen to watch in the movie. Yatterwan is turned on by the Virgin Roadster and the attack seems to be too much for her too. It's a little too much when an iconic hero in CGI is trying to preform an act that was named after this giant dog robot, though instead act on their machine side and becomes a motorboat. The giant robots' love was too much and the destruction of the interior of the Virgin Roadster took Yatterwan with her. Though the Doronbo Gang weren't blown away, they're a little more damaged from the explosion, though they're not gone yet. They exclaim that they want the Skull Stone, but Number 1 wants nothing to do with the villains. He just lost a friend and a trusted ally to their horrendous attack.

The stability of the ruins is crumbling and a column starts to fall on Doronjo, but Boyacky jumps in the way and allows the stones to take him. Lucky for him these character are unkillable, so that's a plus, though while Tonsura helped him out of the rubble Boyacky lost his pants. With everyone looking at him Boyacky's shame came and disappeared with Tonsura's passionate words of hope and strength. So well that Boyacky runs in with fury, joy, and pig covering his shame. Though another rock dislodges and Number 1 swings into action to saves her from being crushed. A kiss is shared for a moment between them after a rock falling from above forces their lips to touch, then two hearts were shattered today and another was confused by their feelings and what was taken from them. It's one of the many real moments in the film that stops the movie being a silly comedy about a 1977 Anime and becomes a dramatic romance between adventurers and people of common age. Each group returns to their personal lair. Boyacky and Doronjo are having a hard time to focusing, though their reaction to the punishment that their master gives is perfect to knock them back into themselves, at least for the moment.

The Yatterman Team pray for Yatterwan and his spirit. Then the Doctor's Daughter and Number 2 start to talk about kissing. The conversation is something that Number 2 doesn't want to talk about with the Doctor's Daughter, but it seems that it is a conversation that needs to be spoken with Number 1. Even Boyacky expresses his discomfort for Number 1 and wants all of what was done to be forgotten or changed to him in the position that Number 1 held his beloved mistress. All of the Doronbo gang are relaxing in their own way, like the Anime Doronjo is resting in her bath, when something bubbles up and she calls for help while escaping the bath without a towel. Boyacky's reaction to her in bubbles only, is priceless, I had to stop the movie cause I was laughing too much. His name is Katsuhisa Namase, he's an amazing actor, please watch more from him. Anyhow, it seems it's their Master who's come for them to find the last piece of the Skull Stone. And foreboding words about love and work, her reply is a killing blow to Boyacky and his interest in our Femme Fatale leader. We see for a moment the inner sanctum of their Master, it's a hollow and dark place, it's eerie, something wrong about it, not like the other area that feel fun and lived in, it feels… off.

Then he cut to a spinning ride and a cameo of Takashi Miike himself controlling the amusement, then the track disappears and the ride with riders are sent to Mount Fuji, smashing into the side of the mountain, then it too vanishes. We don't know how the adorable Omochama knows about all of this, but it advances the plot in an interesting way, that brings hast to the retrieval of the Skull Stone. With it loose everything becomes lost, though with it together random chaos will stop.

Gom dressed as strongman Tonsura, a good friend in character and a good friend in life.

The Doronbo Gang has created another Con for the masses, it's a conveyer belt sushi. The greatest part about this scene is the original Doronbo Gang are eating sushi at this Con and the new Doronbo Gang cut between the fourth wall to celebrate these members of such an inspirational team. Then they reveal that if the plates are heated they become another color, then threaten the patrons with a battle between Tonsura and paying off the meal. After a fade we're back in their lair with their greatest giant robot, Squid Tagosaku. An unruly crowd attacks this wrong doing that was brought to this arcade of goods and food. Until the giant robot breaks free of it's housing and rockets to the sky. And with the retreat of the Doronbo Gang to find the last piece of the Skull Stone.

Omochama figures out that the stone cannot be broken for it is… something important that the stone stops the little robot from revealing this information and takes it away. Though with the loss of Omochama, Number 2 enters the room and explains from the data that the things that disappear are really just lost in time. Sounds like Time Bokan, I mean time's broken and destroying the skull when placed together at the right moment will correct everything. With this new information it's time to go, and another transformation. Number 2 realizes that Yatterwan is gone, but it seems that Number 1 has been busy and building another, stronger, Yatterwan, he calls Yatterking. Then with a dry joke they set off for the final location in Yatterking, a song that reflects this change gives an exclamation to the moment. As they land from this new version of the giant robot dog.

Once on the ground they're confronted by the Doronbo Gang, though it seems the kiss shared between Number 1 and Doronjo is still on the minds of each character. They stop in their actions once each other is within sight. The moment is taken apart by Number 2 and Boyacky, though both groups are at a standstill for the time being. Doronbo Gang holding their piece of the Skull Stone demand the remainder of the pieces. Then a familiar laugh comes from the heavens, the ground explodes like a wave, rippling through the country side.

Hero and Villain alike are falling to their death, the snow and Earth collide and shake, blasting mud and ice into the sky making what happens harder to see, though gears seem to be twisting and turning between the flailing bodies. A Giant skull appears, to have been the structure that's taken place, but we see our heroes in a sterile environment. No snow, no Earth, just gears and skulls. The Design for this room is amazing, it's like someone found every steampunk enthusiast in the World and asked them what their home would look like, that room is gears, gears turned into a room. Every mundane device, like floors or stairs are gears, seats and windows, gears, cogs and toothed wheels, wait those are just gears, still gears and skulls!

It seem the Doronbo Gang's Master has set up an arena for them to dance and rough house till the very end for the Skull Stone. They follow the exclamation of their leader and attack Number 1 with squid ink, though there's something different about this ink or it might be the gun used to fire at the masked hero. His weapon becomes red hot and he drops it into the cavernous pit filled with every sort of gear imaginable. Then Number 2 jumps into the fray, batting around the ink like it's nothing. Though a tactic of the gang is applied called "Squid Ink Bomb" where they fire a large amount of the ink, though the blast is too much for her to stand. Number 1 runs to her side, though it's too too much for him and they both lose their iconic weapons. Somehow the ink was replenished by electric shock and is eco-friendly (little squids in the jar). It seems that the battle is too much for just the duo, Yatterking is nowhere to be seen though.

Within this dark moment it's revealed that Number 2 was hurt the moment that Number 1 kissed Doronjo, though Doronjo was disgraced as a thief, since her heart was taken. Takada hurt two people that day, both in a way that he never intended and never wanted. Doronjo reveals this to him, as Number 2 shows her scare from their last encounter within her curt words. Though with this speech Doronjo attacks Number 2 and electrocutes the jumpsuit clad hero, in an effort to steal back her heart and the heart of Number 1. With energy flying from Doronjo's pipe and through her rival, Number 1 steps in to absorb some of the pain. Doronjo commands Number 1 to let her go, though he grips tighter, she forces more energy from the pipe, though Number 2 embraces Takada's help and Doronjo see this, her struggle to rob Number 1 of his heart dissolved. She lost, she lowers her arm in defeat, not only in the fight, but for love.

Number 1 explains that Yatterman is both, is a team, is the numbers together. Number 2 knew this the whole time and their kiss reflects their spirit together, embraced and their fight for Justice more meaningful. Doronjo and Boyacky share a moment, both dumped, both rejected by their heart's desire, both at a moment that neither could defeat their rival for the heart that wanted to ignite with passion and aspiration. Though Boyacky excepted that Doronjo loved another, though it wasn't him she wanted her joy, her happiness, her self-respect returned from the disgraceful act of Number 1, but Takada chose to keep her adoration and be with his long time partner Number 2. Not only was this a confession rejected by Number 1 to Doronjo, but a spit in the face to Boyacky for not excepting her heart after being so passionate. The fury in his heart as his love is crushed after crushing him, she can't at least find love in this world, this is the highest insult, nothing will stop him in his rage, not his trusted friend Tonsura, not even Doronjo. Wait, Doronjo, Doronjo tells him "Thank you" she hears the passion in his voice, then a classic line of love being fun. It is, it's for young hearts, since one can fling from person to person, body to body, though it's hard to forget that one's spirit is important to not let it be destroyed in this playful adventure. Though it's friends that allow one to make it whole again and bring back the whole person, more durable and ready for the next heart that desires more. She reveals her true heart to Boyacky, one that she's been hiding, that she truly wants to be friends with him.

We snap back from this dramatic scene from this dry joke. It's a really beautifully filmed scene and wonderfully acted, it's maybe my favorite in the whole movie, since it bounces from this gorgeous touching moment to an arid gag. This is a talent that's been shown within this feature and presented so skillfully.

With all the passion drained from his body Boyacky sits and takes orders. Doronjo sees this and compliments the fallen boy, it's the final duel and he wants to show all of his might and all his skill, Yatterman will not live past this night if he has anything to do with it. The giant squid robot rages into battle with Yatterking, who takes a hard licking at the hands of the emotionally defeated Doronbo Gang. Yatterking isn't able to handle the multi-armed giant robot, so Number 1 pulls out a Super Mecha Bone, though it's size and weight is too much for the hero. That he's unable to throw it to Yatterking, he runs to his creation and shows courage in his flight to save a lost friend before he too is met with death, jumping and diving he gains distance from the Doronbo gang squid. Delivering the power-up producing the week's special surprise, flying fish. Though it seems that the Doronbo gang have their own mecha fish, that literally can't stand against their fishy foe. Then they evolved the bots into yellowtail fish bots, that are now too strong for the flying fish. The odds are with the Doronbo gang, but it seems that the Yellowtail bots are too aggressive and have attack the giant Squid robot. It seems that they've become too smart and will not take orders anymore. The only hope for the villains is to escape and eject from this sinking ten armed ship. Though their master stops them from advancing away from this failure.

Their Master says he has no use for failure anymore. And for the first time he shows his form, Number 1 knows that he should be stopped, though this is the first time he's ever encountered him. He asked for his true form to be shown and it is the daughter's Father. It seems like it is just a body that he is using as punishment. He reveals that he's not a God and that combining the Skull Stone's four parts will allow him to be a true God. This seems to be a shocking revelation to the Doronbo Gang and a hard revelation for the Father's Daughter that this is not truly her father, but a puppet for a horrible being. It becomes a moment of drama and a hard teaching moment, as she's beaten by the body of her beloved father. It seems that this is a fight that only the daughter can battle, a struggle seems to be forming in this body as the fists don't come to readily and the spirit seems to be winning against the villain as the fight for control.

The father opens a rift in time and wants to send the monster into a different time, end his awful rein. He tells her that he loves her and her strength will be what lives on through her, that he may never come back, but he'll always love her. Though with a hard kick to the midsection Doronjo stops the monster and allows the daughter to gain back her father. The stone on the other hand has been collected and the true monster has been set free to travel the timestream without any hitchhiker tagging along. Though he grabs his lustful desire Doronjo, Boyacky jumps in and starts to punch the villain, though he's too much for him, then Tonsura leaps into the fight to free his friend. With all of them through the rift, Doronjo hanging on in this present time by fingers. Number 1 complains that it's too late for him to save everyone in style, though Number 2 jumps into action with a rope in hand and courage of heart. Even though they are enemies (in morals and romance) Number 2 grabs Doronjo. Number 1 keep a tight grip on the rope pulling back through the portal not only the Doronbo gang, but also Omochama. Then with all of the cast on one side of the time rift, they combine attacks to destroy the stone that has brought this nightmare, their collaborated strike destroys the true villain and fixes all that's disappeared. This moment is shared in silence, as the cast all take in through their eyes the weight of all that's been experienced.

The daughter and father thank Yatterman Number 1 and Number 2, they take their leave and climb down from the mountain. Not sure why they don't just ask for Yatterman to take them back with Yatterking? Anyhow Yatterking appears after the victory pose, which was perfectly preformed. Then we cut to the Doronbo gang, who's master was a false God, their formation was for this deity, so this has shaken their team. The each say goodbye and literally travel their own path, though their paths will cross once more down the line. And with that the Sun breaks to a better tomorrow, the light shines on the faces of the Yatterman Team. With that the credits, though stick around for after, since it plays out like a Henshin series telling us about next week's adventures and the mysterious White Doronjo!

The Cartoon Cyborg Cinema crew dressed as the Doronbo Gang

If you couldn't tell from the review, or step by step or point to point, if you've read this parallel telling of this feature film then you'll know by my bias remarks that it's a film that was made for a being like myself. A creature that loves bad movies and B-movie themes, also anything with giant robots will always win my heart. So when a show from my childhood appears that has all of these elements I can't say anything more than you must see this film. Though if you're a casual film watcher, someone that likes comedy and has a basic knowledge of Anime this is a good film, but if this is your first experience with Anime or cartoons from the 1970's or comedy in Japan, then this is going to be a weird time. Now looking at this unbiased this is a well made feature, though a fast paced movie, it's a lot at once sometimes, though it still holds the spirit of the characters and the performers were fantastic. This is how one translates a cartoon from the 1970's into live-action cinema successfully, or characters that are absurd in general.

I trust you enjoyed the inspection, thank you for reading.
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