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shorts SHORT Review: Science Dog

Science Dog

Written by Robert Kirkman
Illustrated by Cory Walker
Art Director Drew Gill
Published by Skybound
An imprint of Image Comics

There's a beautiful series called Invincible (Written by Robert Kirkman and Illustrated by Cory Walker, also they were the original creators of this series) and our hero Mark Grayson enjoys the adventures of Science Dog, our featured piece of media this week. It was an interesting note that was placed into the series, since we all find our sense of justice in different ways. Spider-Man found his in death, multiple extreme emotional traumas that keep appearing in his life which built up/tore down the hero. Then we look at Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) who is a fan of Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), she knows everything publicly posted about Captain Marvel (also Carol Danvers). After being exposed to a strange gas that activated hidden genes within her body she decides to take up the mantle of this hero for her hometown, Jersey City. Mark Grayson is similar in idea, that he's the power double of Superman and the emotional state of Spider-Man, so Spider-Boy (if you've ever read Amalgam Comics, you'd know of the Superboy Spider-Man combined hero). Not quite, though he's brought his good nature of growing up in a positive home and the comic book Science Dog, a hero that is a good being and tries continuing to be a good person, even though given no reason to do so for any reason other then the will of the writer. Oh, I should mention that this character in the Invincible world is currently fictional (also female, well I think they mentioned that it was his sister, which is weird, since no sister was ever mentioned) and a Scottish Terrier. Science Dog is a running gag and moral compass that Mark Grayson uses, also the writer pokes a bit of satire at all of comics. My point with this little rant and history lesson is that Science Dog showed Invincible what's right and wrong and the hard moral choices that we all need to make in life, oh and how it's hard to take on a childhood hobby and balance life, especially interplanetary commuting. And as I'll always tell you citizens I love Pulp Fiction and one thing that this series is, it embodies the Silver-age and Pulp heroes like Doc Savage and Adam Strange. With this long introduction let's start from the cover and enjoy the tale it tells us before even a page is turned.

This is the perfect way to make someone excited about turning the pages of a new book, this is how one sells a comic that's never been seen, though only talked about in the comic universe that this is a comic within. Our protagonist in the middle of the cover and the sidekicks off to the bottom edges of the pinup illustration. The side characters seem really interesting, though bland, it's a back and forth since the man in a wheelchair is sitting down at a computer, it's not anything much, just a man, that I guess is trying to be implied as an homage to Oracle. It's not a bad parallel, though it's not very clear, since it's just a cover. Then on the right side of the page is a pink and white robot and woman in a Evangelion outfit with matching pink and white. Now we're getting into the exciting part, since I know that Science Dog from the Invincible comics always wears a jetpack, so robots and jetpacks, I'm signed up and in the thick of the plot! The back cover has a thicker haired version of Science Dog and the highly spoken jetpack in full force. I forgot that under the title is two piercing eyes pointed toward destruction and horror. Overall it's not a great cover, it's a pitch for a book, though I would buy it as a pitch, but not as a comic. There's nothing telling me about the story other than there will be an overwhelming evil, robots, and an anthropomorphic Scottish Terrier. Now that's not a bad combination, if it was me, since this would be added to my collection in an instant, though as a casual reader, this doesn't feel strong enough to sell on its own, since the only name on the book I know is Robert Kirkman. I love Cory Walker's work, he's been apart of the Invincible team from the beginning and an accomplished, skilled artist, though he's not a household name, which is mostly thanks to the Walking Dead for Robert Kirkman. In short if you were to show me this first hand and tell me nothing about it I would read it two times, since it's really short, though also because of the team attached to it.

 Tea Steeping is wearing her best Science Dog outfit, with jetpack ready to burn,
though only one button must be pushed, one button that will save the day, one button that...

Moving on to the main plot of the series, it starts us within the thick of things. A battle between our Canine hero and a large hulking warrior, sans jetpack, though fists being thrown from each side. As Science Dog in true Superhero fashion defeats said mentioned horrible villain that's from a different dimension, though so is our hero at this moment. With his victory the residence offer him a way home to his dimension. For Science Dog it's been a long stay within this world, though it's been no more than 44 minutes in his dimension. We're taken to the two from the cover, it's neat to see them though they really don't add anything to this story other then a plot tool. There's no real character development with them, though there's a lot of interesting things that are happening behind closed doors that don't need to be explored in this tale. The short and long is I want there to be another Science Dog volume, since I'd love for there to be four to six issues so the characters and plot can be fully realized. Since Science Dog is the only one that has an amazing change in character, then doesn't, it's something that need read first hand since this is an experience that brings out the full enjoyment of the comic.

...please, stand up Oona.
There's nothing to be upset about, you're an awesome person.
Listen to Tea, your friend supports you and your actions.

Though here's the part of the book that I'll have to stop, since you really have to read it and take in the emotions and the moral choices that our main character chose. It's worth every penny even if you don't like superheroes or dogs, it's really worth the character development and story structure/development to the very end. It was a great satire on the superhero genre, it's played square, straight up and dramatic. I love this, since it's a fast paced run around with the series and the characters. Science Dog travels through time and space and dimensions within the Trade Paper Back, it's more than 60 pages of fun and excitement. Everything that one reads during the Silver-Age of comics this was that weird time of comics jammed into one book. I love the design work, everything from each character's design to the backgrounds of the series nothing made these two issues more glorious. It has an interesting plot that goes into detail for why we take our actions and the consequences for each choice and those that are affected by our own lives. It's really a touching story that ends on a grey note, the way I like a lot of my stories to end. The day is saved, though at a cost.

Overall if you're like me this is something that's within your collection regardless of condition or price. Though it's understandable that this might be a story that's too heavy for the casual reader, but there's something that's fun about a jetpack wearing anthropomorphic Scottish Terrier that's amazing at science. In short if you like this short 60 pages illusrious piece of gold, then you'll love the stories and adventures in Invincible and other ventures that Robert Kirkman has collaborated, I'm looking at you Brit!

I trust you enjoyed the inspection, thank you for reading.
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